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The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home. It is the place where nuclear and extended parts of the family gather to share moments, create memories, dine and wine together. Commonly referred to as the workshop of homemakers, kitchens are saddled with the responsibility of providing the essential nourishment, everyone in the home needs to command a healthy and well-balanced life. Nonetheless, their design evolution over the years has risen above this primary function to that of a social gathering for creating fond family memories or doing work.

As the social center of modern homes, the way a kitchen looks and feels, should be a factor of your wants, needs and design preferences as a homemaker. How do you want your kitchen to look like? Do you like the look of modern kitchens or prefer the antique appearance of traditional ones? No matter what you decide, never settle with a kitchen that isn’t built to your standards.

With temporary adaptability options for the modern kitchen increasing every day, putting a high degree of thoughtfulness into the design of kitchens becomes very important. Taking your immediate needs & the many uses of modern kitchens into consideration, will help you determine the right design layout to use. In most cases, it is advisable to go with a kitchen layout that suits your needs and conforms to a proper work triangle; this is a term used to describe the spacing relationship between the refrigerator, sink and stove, in any kitchen.

A layout that features an optimal work triangle will not only make your kitchen organized, it will also reduce the amount of unnecessary movements you take while cooking and go a long way in making your kitchen adaptable for a variety of other uses.


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